Fatal Flash Lures

In 2008 World Class Fishing set a new standard in excellence when we unleashed our exclusive line of premium innovative Fatal Flash lures. Our distinctive dynamic blade design features 12 individual facets that create multiple bursts of light and color flashing through the water in every direction. Designed and engineered for superior quality and performance, Fatal Flash blades are balanced perfectly to produce the irresistible action and vibration that has proven to be a crucial factor in a lures ability to consistently catch fish. No one or two colors can produce fish in every condition. That is why World Class Fishing offers anglers Fatal Flash blades in over 200 exciting colors. Fatal Flash lures are simply some of the most productive lures you can own.

Hand Crafted Excellence

Fatal Flash lures are produced in Astoria, Oregon by hand one at a time. From polishing and painting, to assembly and tuning, we are committed to bring you the very finest in craftsmanship and quality components. World Class Fishing's standard of excellence makes Fatal Flash lures the superior choice.

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